Katzenjammer im Interview

Foto: Mathias Fossum

Diese Band hat wirklich ihren ganz eigenen Stil: Katzenjammer aus Norwegen mischen ungeniert Polka mit, Folk, Rock, Pop, Counry, Chanson und Balkanmusik. Vor allem auf der Bühne gibt das eine äußerst explosive und interessante Mischung, die sie auch am 29. Juli in Isny live präsentieren werden. Im Interview mit Watte pusten verraten die vier Musikerinnen vorab, wie viele Instrumente sie spielen, warum Bühnenshows das Beste am Musikerdasein sind und wie sie ihren eigenen Stil gefunden haben.

In your home country, Norway, you’re really popular. Has that circumstance changed your lifes?
Katzenjammer: It hasn´t changed that much. We can still go and buy milk and eggs at the grocery store in whatever we want to wear without getting recognized. But sometimes people come up to us and tells us that they love our music and that´s of course just a pleasure.

What about in Germany? Do you have a big fanbase overhere?
Katzenjammer: I would actually say that we have an even greater fanbase in Germany then back home in Norway.  Of course the population is a bit bigger in German, but we always get fanmails, comments and greetings from Germany at any time on our websites. We also sold out every single show in Germany on our last tour and that´s a pretty good indication that Katzenjammer and the germans are a great match!

Foto: Mathias Fossum

Your music is very special. Did you first played something more “standard” and then started to develop your own style?
Katzenjammer: No, we´ve always had our own special thing. The four us brings different ingredients to the „music-pot“. And maybe we in the beginning brought different ingredients to the pot then we do today, but it was very clear to us from the start of it all that this was something unique.

How would you describe your different kinds of musical  influences?
We´re all inspired by everything that meets us in our everyday life. It could be movies, pictures, people and places. In addition to very different tastes in music (anything from electronica to rock to classical music), we´ve got some common references too, like Tom Waits, old Disney movies, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, the movie „City of the lost Children“ etc.

I cannot really imagine how songwriting works when you have so many possibilities, instruments and styles…. Could you describe it?
Katzenjammer: That develops differently as well. We all write in addition to our friend and songwriter Mats Rybø. Sometimes we´ve got the whole song prepared before we introduce it to the rest of the band or it could be a vague idea that we finish together at the rehearsels. Everybody grabs an instrument, start jamming and we take it from there.

You’re all playing many instruments. Do you know how many all together?
Katzenjammer: I´ve heard several numbers by other people. Anything from 5 to 50. But on stage we´ve got around 15-16 instruments and maybe the double on the record.

Katzenjammer is a female band. There haven’t been many popular female bands with rock background yet. Is it sometimes harder to find your way as a female band or musician in this genre?
Katzenjammer: We never focus on being a girlband. We´re just a band that happens to be girls. But sometimes we can get the feeling that some people´s got a prejudice to what they´re gonna hear from us. But mostly this is just an advantage for us since a lot of people get surprised of how much power we´ve got on stage.

Perhaps there are also advantages of being a female musician or aren’t they?
Katzenjammer: As I said before, people tend to get positively surprised that girls can do what we do. And I also think that as four women we approach the songs in a different way then four boys would´ve done. And that´s of course partly what makes Katzenjammer as unique as it is.

You’re playing a lot of shows. Is being on stage the best thing about being a musician?
Katzenjammer: YES!! That´s what makes all the waiting on the airports, the lack of sleep and all the work worth it. Meeting the audience and presenting our music and sharing energy with them is an undescribable feeling!

In Juli you’re going to play in Isny. What could the audition expect from your show?
Katzenjammer: A lot of energy, both new songs from the up-coming album and good old Katzenjammer-tunes, fun, laughter and smiles!

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